March 9-25: Batch 3 Commences

Well, it has happened.  After much anticipation, a few delays, lots of letters to department heads seeking nominations, and many visits to officials to get things moving, Batch 3 of the WSU HDP is not convened and has started sessions.  Currently, I am in the process of sifting out who is committed and ready to enroll and who is not.  There are some really motivated and driven instructors here who have been just chomping at the bit to get started and it is great to give them a chance.  It was interesting that of the seven criteria I listed on the letter I gave seeking qualified candidates, seniority was the last and weakest criteria.  However, 20 of the 22 departments chose solely on that basis!!  Just goes to show that you can try whatever system you want, but those in place can be tough to shift.

The group is participatory, engaged, and ready to move forward.  They have been watching and hearing stories from their Batch 1 & 2 peers for years now, and are really amped up to do some strong, original work of their own.  I feel really lucky to get started with this group, even knowing I won’t finish with them.  They are a driven bunch and make me smile when they arrive at sessions (mostly on time!!!) and ready to go.


~ by Jillian & Adam on March 29, 2010.

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