Late March: Shifting Plans, Heading Toward California, and the Big Push to the Finish

Well, this marks a new chapter in the adventure. Though this decision has been on the screen since the first of March, I haven’t officially announced it until now. Because of my increasing desire to be with Jillian, the necessity of responding to timely and pressing job interview offers (in order to start earning a salary sooner than later), and dream of setting up a home base somewhere in the US, I will be heading home on April 12th. I’ll have my last day of work at WSU on March 31st (I gave my appropriate month’s notice on March 1), and have concluded my contract with VSOE in a professional way, one that they understood and accepted. Then I head to Addis on Monday, April 5th for a week of wrap-up business and visiting friends before heading out. I will be flying from Addis and landing in Baltimore on the 13th, in order to interview for some very exciting potential positions there, that I will discuss more when I have some news one way or another on them. Regardless, I will be continuing the work I love, teaching and training educators, after returning to the US, wherever that ends up being.

As for now, I am really trying hard to finish up well here. I was recently (Friday) blessed to hear that the most experienced (i.e. she’s worked three contracts supervising HDP at the university, regional and national levels) HDLs on Ethiopia is excited and willing to come take over my role as HDL here in Sodo. Wow, how lucky the candidates, the university, and I all are! Now, I am just letting folks know about my departure—they are all taking it differently, but it is tough to discuss a lot of the time. Most understand I need to be with and support Jillian and pursue some really good opportunities there, but there is so much good momentum here, and the bonds are so deep at this point. But, the calendar keeps rolling on, and this weekend is house packing and cleaning. More on all this soon (probably from Addis after leaving Sodo), but I wanted to make the official announcement.

What? Don't you always put your chickens in the back of your open pickup bed tied by the foot to an untethered spare tire, too?

Dilla University Moderators (from right): Misganaw, Abiyot, me, Girma, and the Dilla Univ TDP driver at the WSU staff lounge


~ by Jillian & Adam on March 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Late March: Shifting Plans, Heading Toward California, and the Big Push to the Finish”

  1. Hey Adam & Jillian, this is JoAnne! So good to catch up with your adventures. I was so excited to see 18 blog posts on my google reader this morning after a long hiatus. I am so sorry to hear you had to go home early, Jillian! I hope you are on the mend & feeling better. Adam, good luck in Baltimore!!!! Please let me know how it goes! Miss you both!

  2. wow, adam, just caught up on the blog.
    i’m proud of you for doing what you feel is right and best of luck over the next few days – finishing up your placement and making the journey home.
    keep me posted on how the job hunt goes and where you land.
    lisa xo

  3. Sounds exciting – I’d love to hear about your reflections on the trip as well as your next steps together 🙂

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