Early March: WSU HDP Batch 2 Underway, Batch 1 Graduates!

Well, Batch 2 has really taken off—they are so glad to be back underway and they are just cooking on Module 3: Improving Assessment.  Every day in class, they have all kinds of ideas on what criteria should look like in their courses, how to increase the number of informal and formal assessments each day and each week, and what makes assessment accurate, reliable, and feasible in classes that can range in number of students from 40-160.  They have created plans and begin implementing I their classes: peer assessments, group assessments by the instructor, and also self-assessments by the learners.  I look forward to each session with this experienced, timely, and focused groups of educators.

In other HDP news, this weekend was the long-awaited, much anticipated graduation of Batch 1, the original HDP group ever to begin at WSU. These candidates worked over a period of almost 2 years, and as they love to put it, “suffered through so much.” They really like to milk that phrase.  They joined with the Health Officer BA student graduation, and were honored by hundreds of guests at Wolaita Gutara, the same fine community gathering spot where they presented their action research two months before.  There were TV cameras there, and newspaper photographers there.  As someone who was giving a diploma to (among others) the vice president, the dean, and the registrar of WSU (some who did not speak English had no idea what more these guys could achieve than being officers of a university until their friends translated), and being the only white person in the premises, I got more than my share of camera time.


~ by Jillian & Adam on March 29, 2010.

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